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Hackmaster Basic RPG: The Plague of Cosolen KEN2503: Hackmaster Basic RPG: The Plague of Cosolen is on Sale

A mere year past Cosolen was a genteel city in which the arts flourished. A terrible natural disaster changed all this. Though spared the calamity, the city is inundated with hardscrabble refugees that have overwhelmed its ability to accommodate them. Crowded into squalid tenements or outlying shantytowns, ...more...

No. of Players: 4 - 6
Levels: 3 to 4
GL Price: 3.99        (RRP is 13.99)


Link to Hackmaster Basic RPG: The Plague of Cosolen Details and Reviews
Hackmaster: Dead Gawd's Hand KEN2224: Hackmaster: Dead Gawd's Hand is on Sale

South of the savage lands of Gnardor, dominated by both rugged mountains and swampland, lies the Kingdom of Da'Neer, where fear and dark secrets are commonplace. Now, an ancient evil stirs deep within the bowels of the swamp, threatening to bring horrors beyond any this region or this wurld has ...more...

No. of Players: 4 - 6
Levels: 4 to 7
GL Price: 4.99        (RRP is 12.99)


Link to Hackmaster: Dead Gawd's Hand Details and Reviews
Hackmaster Module S6: Isle of Death

An abandoned religious complex has been conquered by strange evil beings from without and within. Can your characters not only defeat the evil menace, but also purge the island of its corruption? This challenging dungeon adventure will test not only the combat prowess of the PCs, but their overall ...more...

No. of Players: 4 - 6
Levels: 5 to 8
GL Price: 8.49        (RRP is 9.99)


Link to Hackmaster Module S6: Isle of Death Details and Reviews

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