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Bronze Board Game

Bronze Board Game Details and Review

In the ancient lands of Mesopotamia the fertile lands attracted early settlers, these settlers found abundant food, a good supply of water fed by seasonal rains and minerals. It was here in Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilisation, that these people settled down, irrigated the land, mined the minerals they found and created empires that are still remembered today. Those empires led to the creation of Agriculture, Armies, Laws and Art and this time in history has become known as the Bronze Age.

Bronze gives you the chance to change history. As the leader of your people you are responsible for expanding your Civilisations territory by creating Farms, Towns, Ziggurats and Armies. Spread quickly across the map, identifying and staking claim to the valuable farmland and minerals before your opponents settle those areas.

Playing Bronze revolves around the process of acquiring lands and has a very 'euro' feel to it. Each type of construction tile has a different function; Villages generate wealth from the minerals you build them next to, Towns claim all surrounding unclaimed farmland to support their growth; Ziggurats take control of your opponents farms and there are other buildings which protect your territory and enable you to cross rivers.

Each of the Civilisations provided with the game plays differently, either through the construction tiles you can play or the costs / benefits of that tile. For example the Egyptians can place Villages and gain rewards where they are placed next to minerals whilst the Kassites don't have that option and must earn there income through Farms or Citadels.

Can you lead your Civilisation to victory in this 2 player assymetrical area domination game or will your name be missing from the history books?


  • 8x8 board with a 10x10 board on the reverse
  • Terrain Tiles
  • Building Tiles
  • Wooden Player Markers
  • Wooden Protection Markers
  • Civilisation Player Aids
  • Treasury Cards
  • Rulebook in English, French, German and Spanish
  • Map Booklet

    No. of Players 2
    Duration: 15 to 30 minutes
    Min. Age: 10

  • Bronze Board Game is not yet available. The last information we had indicated a release date of Q3 2014.

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