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The Downfall of Pompeii Board Game

The Downfall of Pompeii Board Game Details and Review

Can you escape the inferno?

It’s the year of the Consulship of Augustus and Vespasianus. The rich, beautiful Roman city of Pompeii sits at the foot of majestic Mount Vesuvius. Renowned for exotic, easy, and ample luxury, the wealthy town attracts the best of Rome’s proud citizens.

But a terrible secret lies deep beneath the slopes of the mighty mountain. A primeval secret is about to unleash unspeakable horrors on this fateful afternoon. The mountain, so very long asleep, is finally reawakening…

Come to beautiful Pompeii! Use your cards to attract your Roman friends and relatives to visit select sites. But beware! The dreaded Vesuvius card means the mountain is awake, spewing fiery lava onto the unsuspecting city.

Now you must struggle to get your compatriots out of the doomed town before they are engulfed. Rushing to avoid lava flows, your people must flee before Vesuvius explodes and ash seals their fate. Lead the most survivors to safety and you win !

Includes 3 dual vent tiles and a new “Dual Vent” variant!


  • 120 wood pieces
  • 62 game cards
  • 45 lava tiles
  • 3 dual vent tiles
  • 1 volcano
  • 1 cloth bag
  • Game board
  • Simple rules

    No. of Players 2 - 4
    Duration: 45 to 90 minutes
    Min. Age: 10

  • GL Price: £26.49        (RRP is £41.99)

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