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Those Pesky Humans Board Game

MNITPH100: Those Pesky Humans Board Game is on Sale
Those Pesky Humans Board Game Details and Review

Those Pesky Humans game turns the tables and lets you play the role of the Monsters who are fighting off the annoying Humans who keep invading your dungeon. This game is playable against one or a team of your "friends". It is highly re-playable due to the variable dungeon tile design and the variety of Avatars and abilities you may choose to play with each game. Mechanics are kept very simple to keep the pace of the game moving quickly.

Goal of the Game

One Player, as Those Pesky Humans, wants to delve into the depths of the Monster Lair and achieve fame, acclaim, and lots of cold, hard gold pieces by retrieving the Three Legendary Gem Stones...but at least one of them must make it out alive.

The other Player, as the Monster LORD and his minions, wants very much to keep this from happening. The Monsters win the game if all of the Human Avatars are killed, protecting the hard-attained hoard.


  • 10 large, thick, double sided Room Tiles
  • 40 Human Draw Cards
  • 40 Monster Draw Cards
  • 4 Encounter Cards
  • 30 Ability Cards
  • 12 Stand-up Doors
  • 39 Resource/Equipment Tokens
  • 2 Starting Hex Tokens
  • 23 Monster Minion Figures
  • 5 Avatar Figures
  • 25 Life Tokens
  • 30 Plastic Standees
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 Rulebook

    No. of Players 2 - 4
    Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
    Min. Age: 13

  • GL Price: 21.99        (RRP is 42.99)

    The Little Metal Dog Show Review The Little Metal Dog Show reviews Those Pesky Humans Board Game
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